ARE YOU WASHING YOUR HAIR THE RIGHT WAY? Find out how to wash your hair like a pro for a perfect salon finish

Do you ever find, when drying your hair after your shower or bath that your hair just...doesn’t feel right? Whether it’s too oily, too dry, or just all round unmanageable – chances are you’re washing it wrong.

Yup, you did read that right. The supposedly super simple task of lathering up and rinsing off is not as straightforward as out childhood bath-times might have had us believe and that lovely light, fresh out of the salon feeling that you get when you visit a luxury hairdresser like Tabitha James Kraan is in fact easily attainable at home, you just need to know the tricks of the trade!

Read on for my step-by-step guide on how to achieve perfectly washed hair, every time.

1.       First things first – is your hair wet enough to begin with? Many people just give their head a quick dunk or a scoosh under the shower before ploughing on with the shampoo-ing, but if you have very thick or long hair than you may need to give it a little more attention than that. Take your time to thoroughly soak every, last strand. Really get in there and move it around a bit – you should be spending at least a few minutes on this ‘prepping’ stage for the best, end result.

2.       Whilst we’re on the subject of getting your hair wet, do avoid using very hot temperatures (whether that’s hot water or heat styling). There is no exact, optimum water temp for everyone, but any unnecessary heat in any form will inevitably cause damage. Keep it cool, but still warm enough to open those cuticles in preparation for the conditioner.

3.       Now here’s one that might surprise you – for smooth, silky locks reach for your conditioner first, not shampoo. Applying a small amount of a light conditioner from root to tip before shampooing and then rinsing prevents dry ends being subjected to further damage and it also fills any rough cuticles from the start, leaving you with an extra smooth finish.

4.       Moving on to the shampoo stage – take your time and be gentle. Your hair is in it’s most fragile state when wet, so whilst it is important to massage the cleanser into your scalp to get the blood flowing and keep those roots healthy, you must do this carefully. Unlike oiling your hair (where the best motion is small, circular movements) the best washing method is soft, vertical strokes to avoid tangles. Focus mainly on the scalp (the youngest and therefore oiliest area) and softly stroke the shampoo right down the the tip. Be sure to use a shampoo that’s right for your hair type – our Tabitha James Kraan Hair Cleanser is a great choice for all hair types as it is naturally moisturising and gentle without weighing the hair down.

5.       Be patient with your conditioning ritual. For beautiful, soft locks from root to tip conditioning is essential but it must be done right or it will just end up making your hair greasy and heavy. Skip the roots (your natural oil production will do the job just fine there) and instead start in the middle, reaching right down to the very ends of your hair. Use a wide tooth comb to gently glide the product through, ensuring that each strand is evenly coated. Clip up out of the way whilst you go about the rest of your ablutions, leaving the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and do it’s thing for 3-7 minutes, depending on how dry your hair is. When you come to rinse, do so thoroughly and with cool water to close those cuticles for optimum shine reflection; but not for more than a minute or two. It doesn’t hurt to leave a little bit of the product on your hair to work it’s magic, especially if it’s full of lovely, organic goodies like our 4-in-1 Golden Citrus Conditioner.

Once you’re done, continue to be cautious with your wet hair as it does break easily. Gently comb any knots out – take your time and don’t tug at it. Make sure that your mane is entirely dry before any heat styling to avoid frazzling your hair and undoing all your hard work!