Pro Hairdresser Magazine: Day in the Life of a Top Bridal Hair Stylist

Published in Pro Hairdresser magazine

Photos also by me!


Ever wondered what a day in the life of a hair and makeup artist to the rich and famous is like? We joined national award winning hair-stylist, Pam Wrigley, for one of her lavish weddings to give you the scoop!


Alarm goes off. How can it possibly be morning already when it’s still dark outside?! Only one thing for it - an hour and a half of yoga to get Pam ready and raring to go. “I can’t go without my yoga before a big day – it’s the best thing I’ve found to get myself really focused on the tasks ahead”.


Next up - just enough time for few emails and a voice over for the latest Bridal Hair Academy video tutorials! “I pack all of my bags up the night before and triple check over them to make sure I have everything I’ll need. This includes a day schedule that I will have already put together so there is no chance of getting flustered or going over the set time. Don’t forget that your bride will undoubtedly be a bag of nerves while you’re with her and the last thing she needs is the hair and makeup artist making her late for her own wedding! You’ll have already had your trial so you should know exactly what products and tools you’ll need, in advance. The more organised you are, the less that can go wrong – ALWAYS leave a bit of time for the unexpected!”


Time to set off for our glamorous destination – Claridges!


Even the reception area of this prestigious hotel is awe-inspiring. Gilded mirrors, chandeliers, grand staircases and stunning purple orchid arrangements EVERYWHERE. To set it all off, there is even a string quartet providing the backing music! Upstairs, we find our blushing bride, Sarah, along with bridesmaids and maid of honour sipping Rose Brut and getting increasingly excited. Tiffany and Temperley gift bags line up along the sideboard – thank you tokens for the nearest and dearest to match the bride’s ring and Grecian goddess inspired tiara.

Today’s styling will be taking place in none other than Victoria Beckham’s favourite suite complete with golden armchairs shimmering in the warm sunlight beaming in through the floor to ceiling windows, the perfect place for Pam to set up. She explains “I always ensure that my bride is sat comfortably somewhere with excellent, natural light and enough space for me to easily move around her.”


Time to get to work! Armed with her trusty Babyliss heated rollers, Tigi Curlesque and Elnett hairspray; Pam sets about creating red carpet worthy loose, glossy waves in the bride’s strawberry blonde hair. “All styles that I create have been tried and tested on the bride well in advance, to make sure that everything is perfect.” Pam tells us “This way, you will avoid any unwanted surprises on the day!”

Once the rollers are in place, the bride can relax while Pam starts on the half up half down hair do's for the bridesmaids along with the natural, luminescent makeup to match. One bridesmaid tells us “I never normally wear makeup or have my hair like this – I feel gorgeous!”

It’s comments like these, when you know what an impact all your hard work has, that makes bridal styling one of those dream jobs!


Heading for the final moments, Pam gets her excited bride back into the hot-seat for the roller release and finishing touches to the makeup. Just as she begins, enter hotel maintenance to fix the air conditioning and 7 very excited children ready to prepare for their duties as flower girls and page boys and more importantly, get their dance moves ready for the evening’s entertainment provided by none other than Olly Murs! So, change of plan and while they’re willing Pam quickly adds some cherubic curls to the girl’s hair. Meanwhile, our bride retreats to the quiet of the bedroom where Pam can join her and quickly and quietly make Sarah look incredible! “All sorts can happen on a job, and you have to be prepared for all eventualities. The most important thing is to keep calm and organised at all times so that your client can rest assured that she is in capable hands”.


Time to go! Pam fixes the veil into the Sarah’s hair using carefully placed grips and texturizing powder for added hold and then finishes with a light spritz of a high shine holding spray whilst Sarah slips into her diamante studded Manolos. “You look absolutely stunning” says our father of the bride as they leave the room, beaming and ready to walk arm in arm down the aisle. Another proud dad and happy client!!


But it doesn’t stop there; with tutorials to film, courses to run, e-mails to write and more weddings to prepare for – it’s hard work to achieve excellent results! “The life of a high-end hairstylist is demanding but also incredibly rewarding. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”