S/S 2016 Trends: No Makeup makeup

“New year, new you” – we’ve all heard that one before! But in the cold, dark days following January 1st, it can often be hard to believe that spring is just round the corner, and your tried and true winter hair and makeup trends are about to become old news.

Now that spring has officially sprung (that’s right folks, the clocks have gone forward and our days are looking lighter and dare I say it, warmer…), it’s time to put away those vampy lip colours and contouring brushes and instead, embrace the hottest look for spring/summer 2016: No Makeup Makeup

Let’s go back to basics!

Forget trying to cover up, this year we’re all about letting natural beauty shine through and making the most of all the bits we’ve tried hiding for years.

The No Makeup makeup trend is a wonderfully light and fresh faced look, but there’s no shame in admitting that those of us who wake up looking so naturally gorgeous are few and far between!

It can be tricky to create a No Makeup makeup look that looks both groomed and fabulous (don’t forget, this trend applies to brides and those attending red carpet events, not just daily life) as well as totally effortless, but there are a few techniques and particular trends that fall under the umbrella term of No Makeup makeup, that will set you well on your way to looking great (or making your clients looks great) for 2016.

Faux Freckles

You may have heard it through the grapevine, and the rumours are true: Freckles are most definitely in!

If you or your client have natural freckles – more power to you. Skip the heavy foundation and let those bad boys out! This is your time to shine.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones to be born with those little flecks of adorableness, don’t worry, you can fake them for the No Makeup makeup trend without having to look like you’re attending a bad, school disco club night.

If you’re going free-hand with it, use a well sharpened light brown eye or eyebrow pencil (or even better, use a few different shades for a really natural look) and delicately dot across your cheek apples and bridge of your nose. Don’t forget that we want these to look as natural as possible, and symmetry rarely occurs in nature, so don’t try to match up on both sides.

If you’re a bit nervous about getting creative with this look, don’t worry, there are some freckle stencils coming very soon! Pre-order yours from‘Freck Yourself’ today…

Sprouted Brows

So, strong brows have been a thing for quite a while now, but now the No Makeup makeup look calls for a slightly toned down colour (again, just very natural), with a lovely arch and – here’s the new bit – sprouty hairs.

Yes, it may go against all the years we’ve spent waxing and plucking to eliminate those little sticking up eyebrow hairs at the beginning of the brow, but for 2016 we will be brushing those up and wearing them loud and proud!

Not only does this eyebrow style give an instantly youthful feel, but it also lends beautifully to the No Makeup makeup look – flawless and healthy but with a slightly rough edge.

Bright Eyes

Getting the eyes right for the No Makeup makeup trend is no mean feat – we’re looking for seamless coverage, luminescent skin and luscious lashes, but in such a way that it’s hard to tell if there’s any makeup involved at all.

Invest in an excellent, hydrating eye cream to keep your under eye area soft and supple, for crease-free concealer and eyeshadows.

Achieving the No Makeup makeup look with your skin (including under eye circles) is to blend seamlessly. Gently tap concealer a shade brighter than your skin tone under your eyes and eyebrows and blend gradually until you are left with a flawless finish.

A small dab of highlighter along the brow bone won’t go amiss, to lift and brighten the whole eye area up, as well as very subtle, soft eyelid shading with a neutral palette such as Urban Decay Basics.

For the lashes, don’t skip the mascara, but instead of caking it on carefully sweep on the upper lashes, making sure to get right in at the root, but skip the bottom lashes. If you want to thicken those upper lashes out a bit, use a black or dark brown eyeliner along the inner rim of the upper lid – instant thickening effect!

Dewy Base

Although the No Makeup makeup trend calls for us all to look fresh faced and naturally gorgeous, I think it's fair to say that the majority of us would rather have a little bit of coverage, rather than going fully au natural! A barely there, dewy base may be in, but dark circles and blemishes are not.

Rather than going for full foundation, opt for a light, tinted moisturiser instead. This will give just enough coverage to even out skin tone and conceal without looking overdone.