How to achieve great hair for mature women

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As we get older (wiser, more beautiful etc..) it is to be expected that our face, style and of course hair will change. Hormone metabolism alters and new cell production slows down, usually resulting slightly drier and thinner hair to work with. This is by no means a bad thing, it’s just a part of life! But it does mean that we may sometimes find ourselves at a bit of a loss as to what styles suit our new found maturity best. If this sounds familiar, be it in regard to a client or yourself, these top tips should help you figure out something that works perfectly, whilst emphasizing the bits we love and toning down some aspects that we are perhaps a little less comfortable with.



So what are the ultimate dos and don’ts to achieve great, on trend styles for mature women?


Tight, pulled back hair is generally a no-no, especially when teamed with volume on top (think Amber Heard at this year’s Golden Globes). Although this may appear to be a glamorous and classic style, even inspired by hair from a by-gone era, the shape of this kind of style emphasizes any harsh, geometric lines already present, which adds on years instantly.


Too much volume on top – NOT good for mature hair



A perfectly straight and neat parting will unfortunately have a similar effect as it will look too severe against softer features. Instead, try switching to something a little more playful and relaxed for everyday youthfulness (side partings are best) or a rich, sweeping deep side parting for added wow factor.


Harsh parting – NOT good for mature hair!                                                      Soft parting – good for mature hair!



Up do’s are still an option for anyone who has been dreaming of something special for a big event, but try to avoid anything too puffy or fussy as this has a tendency to look ‘over-done’. Go for sleek styles over voluminous curls, or some gentle waves pulled forward for a feminine frame around the face. A low and slightly messy chignon bun can look beautiful teamed with these waves and a wonderful accessory pinned at the back. French Twists and Infinity Twists are also a fantastic option for gorgeous, understated elegance – looking simple, yet sophisticated with heaps of girlish charm!

 Gorgeous French Twist hair styles (courtesy of



Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar showing off their beautiful red carpet chignon styles!


Fab Infinity Twist – for something a little bit different!



Whilst avoiding too much volume (specifically on top), be sure to steer clear from limp hair just as much! Anything styled too closely to the scalp will draw attention to any thinner areas as well as looking a little bit sad and drab. The perfect amount of volume will add the appearance of health and vitality back into your locks, at any age!



Remember that being older does not mean that you can’t be sexy. Tired notions of having to crop your hair short when you reach a certain age do not apply so much an more and it is always safe to bend the rules and experiment to find the perfect look for the individual. As a general rule, the ideal length hair for more mature women tends to be somewhere between shoulder and chin length and soft layers work wonders on thinner areas and also softens facial lines.






If you or your client is considering adding a fringe to their look, this can be very flattering if done right, but be sure to go for something well-structured and side sweeping, but not too wispy. A trim every eight weeks is recommended for good maintenance as well as a weekly deep condition with your favourite products (my first choice would have to be Kerastase Age Premium range).






The real key to achieving the perfect style is to find the look that best matches yours or your clients personality; so chat and get to know who you’re working with. You can follow all the hints and tricks in the world to create the ‘right’ style, but if the subject in question is a bit of a non-conformist at the best of times, maybe you don’t need to follow the rules! The most important thing you can do is play around with a number of different ideas until you find something that everyone is comfortable and happy with.