Why YOU need a hair & MUA for your big day!

Still umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether or not to get your hair and makeup professionally applied for your wedding or special occasion? Well deliberate no more!

When you’re thinking of indulging in a little luxury for yourself, for lots of people it’s only natural to try to talk yourself out of it and find reasons to not do it – but where’s the fun in that?! Hiring a hair and makeup artist is a wonderful thing to do for yourself and everyone should do it, at least once, to put the all important finishes touches on a big event.
But, as someone who coifs their own do and applies their own makeup every day, you may wonder if you really need a professional to do it for you. Well I’m telling you now, if you want spectacular photos and a style that makes you look your best and last all day and night, you really do!

Here are my top reasons why…

Professionals always have the best kit

Great makeup and the proper tools for application cost a bomb – you know it, I know it…there’s no way around it! Even the cheaper brands will leave you feeling pretty strapped, and when it comes to makeup you really shouldn’t scrimp as it’s bad for your skin and bad for your final appearance. As with a lot of beauty products, you do tend to get what you pay for and as such, any decent makeup artist will only ever use the top names. When you think of how much money you’ll have to spend to get the right equipment, you may actually find that it works out cheaper to hire a professional!

Wear a style that lasts

OK, so styling your own hair into anything other than a basic blow-out is almost impossible anyway, but let’s say you are a dab hand at making your hair look pretty…why should you have it done professionally? Professional hairstylists are trained to be able to set and style your hair in such a way that it holds from morning til night, but still with a natural flow and finish. Not only that, but having a great stylist create your style will go a LONG way in terms of comfort. A style that is too tight or has even one grip sticking out the wrong way can end up quite painful, so avoid that by having someone who knows best do it for you.

Hiring a hair and makeup artist takes the stress away!

Anyone who has ever had to organise an event (especially a wedding!) will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it is A LOT of work. And a lot of work = stress.
When you’re trying to make the most out of your big day, ending up in tears because your hair won’t behave and your makeup just isn’t working right is the last thing you want and it would be such a shame for something so silly to ruin your mood. Take a load off and delegate as much as you can! You would be amazed at how reassuring a good hair and makeup artist can be when things get a bit much.

Experts know best

Hiring a hair and makeup artist opens up a whole new world of you that you never knew existed. Sounds a little extreme, I know, but a great artist will create looks for you that you might never have dreamed of. Much like a personal shopper, it is fun and exciting to get an expert to bring out the best in your appearance, from the moment you have your trial to the end of your event.

Because it’s YOUR day

Events where you get to dress up like a princess and be the centre of attention don’t come along that often for the vast majority of us, so don’t shortchange yourself! Getting your hair and makeup professionally applied is more than just a necessity, it is a luxury that should be enjoyed. Treat yourself (and maybe your nearest and dearest too!) to a little pampering and make your day one to remember.