Badger & Black Silk Scarves Design Inspiration – Beautiful Scarves Inspired By Nature

It can be tough to be totally original these days but the beauty of nature is one thing that can never be the same twice. That’s why, here at Badger & Black, we’ve been getting inspired by the ever changing colours, textures and contrasts of the natural wonders of the world, making our 100% Crepe Satin Silk scarves vibrant and gloriously unique for each and every one of our customers. Whilst our scarves are only ever lovingly created here in the UK, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get out there and be wowed by the world’s wonder.

This week, we’ve been checking out some amazing textures created by planet earth’s ever changing phenomena to really get our creative juices flowing.

Textures of the week

OK, so maybe scarf design isn’t the first thing YOU think of with you see a bubbling sulphur pool, but for us it definitely is!

Mineral deposits in the water or salt flats (where the pools have evaporated) create truly fantastic geothermic reactions which result in naturally psychedelic colours and unbeatable, unusual textures, which, when it comes to design are out of this world!

Acid Brights, soft pinks and deep turquoises textured by bubbles and clouded by the sulphur is enough to get us into a bit of a dither thinking about stunning new concepts for our cutting edge designs. Call us weird, but this is nature at its most inspiring, don’t you think?

At Badger and Black, we take creative inspiration from all the textures and layers of the world, be it man-made, home-made or natural.

Mud is one of our new favourite things at the moment (easily pleased or what?), we just can’t get enough of it!

True, earthy colours are a little out of our usual remit, but we love the softness of this pallet and the awe inspiring beauty of the earth transforming between solid and liquid from one day to the next. Existential, huh?!