5 Reasons We All Need to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

It’s World Breastfeeding Week’s 25th year and we should all be celebrating. Why? Because breastfeeding is amazing, that’s why.


As something that is a natural process, it’s easy to think that breastfeeding should come naturally but more often than not, it doesn’t.

Personally, I’ve been through agony with a tongue tie, weeping and yelping through each feed and dreading the next; I’ve had nipple thrush; I’ve had a ridiculous oversupply (which is NOT a good thing – more on that and how to deal with it coming soon!); I’ve had blistered nipples, painful engorgement, a baby with endless food sensitivities that put me onto a total elimination diet and to top it all off, 5 months without a single, unbroken night’s sleep. And I’m not alone. Other women experience Mastitis, low supply, Vasospasm, cracked nipples and more!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: breastfeeding is tough and breastfeeding mums are superheroes.

I am a loud and proud breastfeeding mama, with my baby still exclusively breastfed at 5 months old, but so far it has been a pretty much the opposite from the beautiful journey I imagined it would be. For some, breastfeeding comes easy; for others, like myself, it really, really doesn’t. This gives us even more reason to support and encourage women who strive to continue against all odds, as if we didn’t have enough already!

Here are 5 reasons why we all need to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week:

1.         Support Those Breastfeeding Mamas!


I have been so close to throwing in the towel with breastfeeding, particularly as all of my oversupply and tongue tie problems were also contributing to colic and reflux for my baby. There were many times where the pain and exhaustion felt too much to bear.

If it hadn’t been for the support of my partner, my family, my friends, an amazing lactation consultant and numerous breastfeeding groups I’d probably have stopped long ago, but I am so glad that I didn’t, for both myself and my little one.

Not everyone has a great support network and breastfeeding can be really challenging, especially braving doing it in public. The next time that you see a woman breastfeeding, whether she’s a stranger or a loved one, tell her what a fantastic job she’s doing. You never know what a huge difference it might make.

2.         The Perfect Blend for Babies


I am of course a huge proponent of breastfeeding, but I would never judge a woman who formula feeds her baby. There are endless reasons why she might have chosen to do this or have been pushed into a situation where it was the only option and of course, the most important thing at the end of the day is that mum and baby are doing well and thriving. However, there is no denying that breast milk is the best formula there is for babies and the ideal option whenever possible.

A new mother’s body is incredible and will produce milk that is perfectly designed for her own baby. Packed with all of the vitamins, protein and fat that a baby needs to thrive; full of bespoke antibodies for made-to-order immunity to help bubs fight off bad bacteria and viruses and constructed to promote the growth of healthy bacteria to line your baby’s gut and protect their tiny tums. Breast milk has even been proven to boost brain development in those first few critical years of a baby’s development, amongst a whole host of other health benefits for baby that cannot be reproduced.

3.         First Defence Against Allergies


Breast milk contains a variety of immune factors, such as secretory IgA, that scientists have suggested help to prevent allergies now and later in life.

By providing a layer of protection to the intestinal tract that you can’t get from infant formula, breast fed babies are less susceptible to inflammation and undigested proteins crossing the gut leading to allergies and other health problems.

4.         Combats Post-Partum Depression


The National Institute of Health published a study of 9,000 mothers which concluded that women who stopped breastfeeding or didn’t breast feed at all were far more likely to experience post-partum depression.

Thanks to the high levels of Oxytocin released whilst breastfeeding, milky mamas are usually less stressed than bottle-feeding mummies and also tend to have lower blood pressure. The regular skin to skin contact that breastfeeding encourages is also a huge stress reliever for both mummy and baby, so if your baby is formula fed, go ahead and strip off next time you have a feed to enjoy this benefit too!


5.         Lowers Risk of SIDS


Breastfeeding has been linked repeatedly to a lower risk of SIDS. This is down to a number of factors, including an increase in the mother’s awareness of their baby’s presence; improved breathing and swallowing co-ordination; a stronger immune system and clearer airways. Read more about how breastfeeding can lower the risk of SIDS here.

The awesomeness of breastfeeding is never-ending, as are the challenges, sleep deprivation and sacrifices that mother’s endure to keep going. Support breastfeeding mums across the globe and celebrate World Breastfeeding Week with me!

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4 Things About Pregnancy That I Didn't See Coming...

Being pregnant is beautiful.

It’s beautiful, surreal, uncomfortable and frankly disgusting at times: full of all sorts of surprises that you didn’t know were coming – with a lifetime of those surprises yet to come.

Before falling pregnant, I had often imagined what it would be like to actually be pregnant and after suffering from one miscarriage after another, after another, those imaginings became stronger having had a glimpse into the reality. At 6 months pregnant the best was yet to come (oh boy, don’t I know it!) but I'd already come across some things that I didn’t know about and wasn’t expecting.

4 things about being pregnant that I didn’t see coming

There are SO many things you can’t do

Of course, we all know that once those little lines appear on the stick, smoking, drinking and hard-core partying are out the window, but I didn’t realise what a minefield it is out there of all the things that once pregnant you’re not allowed to do.

From having to research every ingredient listed on a herbal teabag (most of which it turns out may or may not be safe), to having to abstain from a nice relaxing bath when I most need it, the list of no-go products, ingredients and activities is never ending. I’m a big proponent of natural, organic cosmetics too (which are still by far the best option for your and your baby) but suddenly even those safe ingredients became a source of fear – essential oils are best avoided, so does that include the essential oils in my shampoo or deodorant?!

I suppose this must get better with practice and perhaps I’m extra paranoid because of the miscarriages, but everything is tainted with fear. What makes it worse is that for so many things, there is no definitive answer as to whether it’s safe or not, but always best to err on the side of caution, eh?

The terrible wind

TMI warning, but I’m afraid that being pregnant made me give zero fucks about bodily functions and talking about them in great detail.

Now I would like to point out that normally, I’m not a public farter; I have been with my other half for 7 years and until I fell pregnant I just couldn’t bring myself to parp in his presence (other than that one time when he forced me to do a tiny Tommy Squeaker in the bath). But now that I had a baby to think of, holding it in just didn’t seem right.

On a day to day basis, it was fine; at a normal, human level; but there was a month there where the threat of the most appalling, non-stop and seemingly never dispersing rotten egg farts was very real. I know I’m not alone in having had the most shocking wind during pregnancy (because I Googled it) so I hope that this reaches those of you that need reassurance – what the hell is up with that?! I mean, seriously. No-one warned me about this – I was sure that there must be something very wrong. But for those of you reading this, rest assured that there is nothing wrong and it is apparently very normal. Good old relaxin playing games again!

Waddling is from pain, not from weight

Sure, the waddling does get worse as you get bigger, so bump weight and size plays a part here, but I noticed myself waddling at the 5 month mark not because of the weight, but because of the goddamn, crippling pubic pain. Good God baby, what are you doing in there? Because it’s not comfortable.

Pressure in the pubic region and a lovely, spiky barbed wire sensation in the groin was the bane of my life. I know that not everyone experiences this, but for those of you who do, I feel your pain.

The discomfort of this, plus the incessant back and hip pain of course equals no sleep and to be perfectly honest, you do need to get as much sleep stored up in the bank as is humanly possible before launch date.

I put off getting myself a fancy pregnancy pillow to sleep with for a while. Eventually I caved and got a Dream Genii, but this did nothing to help whatsoever, much to my dismay, so I went back to using all the pillows in the house, only to still be extremely uncomfortable. However, my saving grace came in the form of a gift from Scandinavian company BBHugMe, who sent me a full body pillow designed by 3 female chiropractors in Norway. The tiny microbeads cuddled around my body offering perfect support and the lovely soft, bamboo cover keeps me nice and cool. If you can afford to splash out, get one before you need it!

It’s not how you expect it to be

Whilst looking at my ever-expanding stomach from across the room, my partner said to me “pregnancy is not how I expected it to be!” and he’s quite right.

I mean, in some ways it is just as you might imagine, but in others it’s not. Perhaps we thought there would be some kind of huge shift in the cosmos the moment we discovered we were expecting or maybe I thought that being pregnant would somehow change me, but it didn’t really. And as it turns out, neither has motherhood.

In this, pregnancy can be quite tough because whilst you’re still feeling the same (aside from the aches and pains) you’re suddenly being viewed quite differently. I loved my bub from the first momeny I knew he was around, don’t get me wrong and I didn’t for a second resent the love and attention he got, even in utero, but I couldn’t help but struggle with the feeling of losing my identity and this feeling continues today.

When pregnant, it felt as though I was merged with my baby in everybody’s eyes and all they could see was my bump and its apparent gravitational pull. I actually really enjoyed the extra care and attention from the general public (it’s quite refreshing to have strangers be gentle with you) but it’s the people I’m closest to that I miss just being ‘me’ with. I never wished that I wasn’t pregnant and there isn’t a moment that I don’t feel totally in love with my bub, but there’s no denying that the transition into motherhood can be a challenging one, but the greatest challenge you will ever undertake.

Organic Baby Clothes – Pretentious Parents Or A Necessity?

Before my little sprog popped into the world, being an ‘organic mama’ was very much on the agenda.

Having written blogs for numerous natural cosmetics companies and natural health centres for years already, I was pretty clued up on the benefits of living green and equally, the detriment of the being exposed to the chemicals that are so prevalent in non-natural products. Because of this, my own routine was pretty healthy, from using natural shampoo and makeup to only buying organic fruit and veg whenever possible, but when my partner suggested that all of our baby’s clothes had to be organic too, I wondered if this was a step too far.

However, given what I already knew about the pollution of new-borns purely through the use of cosmetics that mum uses during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding I was well aware of how sensitive these fresh-baked bubbas are and so I wasn’t about to dismiss this suggestion out of hand.

Organic baby clothes – a legitimate necessity or an over-priced scam for pretentious parents?

At first, I have to say that despite my insider knowledge, I was leaning towards to latter. But after delving into some research, I discovered that just as with so much else I’ve looked into, there is a scary truth behind the cotton industry, not the mention synthetic materials. Soon enough, my baby ‘want’ list went up a new level – organic baby clothes became a must for me.

Switching to organic baby clothes doesn’t have to break the bank! Thanks to increased awareness, going organic is gaining popularity, so we’re now seeing really affordable (and cute!) organic options in high-street shops like H&M and John Lewis.

Don’t worry, I’m 100% aware how twatty requesting only organic baby clothes as gifts sounds; I admit that it took me a while to feel OK insisting on it, but the more read, the more certain I became that choosing organic when it comes to clothes is almost as important as choosing organic cosmetics, for yourself and for your baby. I hope that by the end of this blog, you’ll agree.

Why Choose Organic Baby Clothes?


Chemical Free

Let’s start with the basics: choosing organic is always going to mean less chemicals and this is without a doubt true for organic baby clothes too.

Bamboo Suit by Zubu Baby

Bamboo Suit by Zubu Baby

Non-organic Cotton farming accounts for a whopping 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides used worldwide – that’s an awful lot of chemicals (most of which are known carcinogens and the cause of many other issues, from allergies to hormonal imbalances) coating what we’re soon going to be bundling our babies up in.

And the chemicals don’t stop there! Once harvested, raw cotton requires a helluva lot of processing before it becomes wearable, and that processing includes many, many more chemicals including bleach and fire retardant, which has been attributed to developmental delays and is found in over 80% of children’s non-organic clothes, toys and bedding.

Now that you’re suitably horrified by what is considered the norm, you’ll be pleased to hear that organic farming and processing using none of these chemicals. Yup, none. I know which I’d prefer.


Best for Delicate Skin

Have you ever felt organic cotton? It is actually much softer than the regular sort and this is something that your new-born will seriously appreciate.

Doctors have likened young babies lovely fresh skin, that has spent 9 whole months protected in the comfort of a cosy womb, to feeling like sunburnt skin upon exposure to the harsh new environment that is the world. If you’ve ever had sunburn, you’ll know that the feeling of any material on your skin is far from pleasant, so the softer the better for our little ones.

I particularly love bamboo baby clothes, due to the silky soft texture and breathability, making it perfect for delicate skin and all temperatures. Another big bonus about bamboo is that it is all organic!


Best for Allergies

Those nasty, aforementioned chemicals have a lot to answer for, and some of those things are allergies.

The Environmental Working Group performed a study where they drew umbilical blood from the cord of 10 babies and revealed a total of 287 chemicals in the group, including pesticides, perflurochemicals and flame retardants. Of the 287 chemicals found, 180 are known to cause cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects and abnormal development.

Why am I talking about something to do with before the baby was born? Because a vast amount of these chemicals are found in non-organic cotton and synthetic materials and are often big allergy triggers and sometimes, even the root cause. If these chemicals affected your blood stream enough to get through to your unborn baby, they’re definitely getting through to their blood stream post-natal when exposed on a daily basis.

Aside from this, organic is generally better quality. Bamboo is actually hypoallergenic, so this is the ideal fabric for allergy babies.

Stay on budget by checking out the fantastic seasonal sales on my favourite brand websites: 

I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of gorgeous baby clothes by some fantastic companies to dress my little boy in once he arrived, so I’ve tried and tested lots! There are some great summer sales on right now, so stock up! 

Zubu Baby (Bamboo)

Panda & The Sparrow (Bamboo)

Cam Cam


Molly Moo

Little Green Radicals

Molly & Monty



H&M Conscious

The Hospital Bag Essentials You Haven’t Thought Of

It felt as though I was planning what to pack in my hospital bag for my entire pregnancy. Perhaps this was because it was something non-threatening to focus on as The Big Day loomed or perhaps it was because it reality, there’s no real way of knowing what you’ll need when the time finally comes around.

In the end, I packed everything I read about and some extras just to be on the safe side, but I know that I’m not the only woman to have had a baby who found most of these usual ‘must-have’ items totally redundant or truthfully, just a bit crap. Aside from the obvious essentials (clothes, toiletries, slippers etc), there are some things that I won't do without if I find myself in that situation again!

And so, I present to you the ULTIMATE hospital bag essentials that you haven't already thought of…


A Good Variety of Food

I thought I was being so clever and healthy packing organic protein bars in my hospital bag, as my emergency mid labour pick-me-up. Oh, what a horrible, horrible error that was...

Eating was the last thing on my mind at the time, but towards the end of my 18 hour labour, D thrust an extremely dry protein bar in my face at the behest of our midwife and I swear to God, eating that was one of the most challenging moments during giving birth.

My mouth was dry as a desert from all my mooing and groaning and THIS hellish lump of vegan misery was what I had to munch on?! I will never make that same mistake again.

For me, moist food that is easy to chew and swallow is a must. However, others will have a very different experience and maybe a protein bar will be just the ticket. My advice is  to pack a picnic so when the time comes, you’ll have a choice and then after the hard work is done you can scoff the rest!


Cheap Pants

I read all these lists when I was packing my bag that instructed me to pack disposable pants. Uncomfortable paper pants when my hoo-ha is at it’s most vulnerable? I don’t think so.

It’s very true that you will need many, many pairs of pants that you’re happy to dispose of after use, but please splash out on 30 pairs of cotton undies from Primark instead. I raided the 25p sale basket and came away with an impressive haul of enormous pants (that’s the other thing – go big or go home! I’m a size 8-10 but I was loving my size 14 knickers).

I’m sorry, I know it’s perhaps not the most environmentally friendly option, but buy the cheap pants, wear them and delight in throwing the hideous things away…I don’t still have and wear a few giant pairs, promise…


Organic Cotton Maternity Pads

I almost didn’t treat myself to this little luxury, but I was so glad that I did.

Regular sanitary towels are a BIG no-no. The ultra absorbent wicking material those are made of may be handy for keeping mess at bay, but they’re designed to keep you dry down there and that can lead to delayed healing and even infected or dropped out stitches.

You can get non-organic, non cotton maternity pads, but my Organyc pads were so soft and so padded – definitely what you need after giving birth!

If you’re brave enough, you can get really lovely cotton or bamboo re-useable pads too and they are a joy to wear (I got mine from Cheeky Wipes). Ordinarily they’re designed for you to wash and use again, but I did end up chucking mine. Post child birth is extenuating circumstances…


Natural Pain Relief

5 months on and I’m still pretty proud of myself for going 100% med free during a quite difficult labour and I largely put that down to the natural pain relief that I used.

I arrived at the MLU equipped with a TENS machine (BRING SPARE BATTERIES!!), a homeopathic child birth kit from Helios, a hot water bottle, a handwarmer (that D wrapped up in a flannel and held lovingly on my perineum!) and of course, D himself and his 18 hour massage.

I had also pre-prepared by going to amazing pregnancy yoga classes, which also included some hypnobirthing techniques, at Lotus Bud Yoga with the incredible Ann Carroll. A blog on that coming soon!


A BFF Belly Wrap

I loved my BFF wrap by Belly Bandit. Oh, what a brilliant, brilliant thing! The £80 price tag might seem a little daunting, but trust me, it is soooo worth it.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of the BFF Belly Bandits to test out and I wore it day and night, only taking it off to bathe, for the full recommended 8 weeks. My stomach flattened at an unbelievable rate; my water retention disappeared; my back and stomach muscles would ache like I’d done a weeks worth of heavy weight at the gym if I didn’t wear it and I got not one, single stretch mark.

I am recommending this to all of my pregnant friends. If you buy one thing as a treat to yourself, make it this. One awesome Push Present.


Hypercal & Propolis Ointment

I had some pretty nasty tears after the fact (I ripped my labia IN HALF! Yes, you read that right) but my midwife was astonished at how well and how fast I healed.

I put this down to my miracle mix of Hypercal and Propolis Ointment, which I applied carefully but liberally after bathing every day.


A Diary

Regardless of whether you go straight home after having your baby or you stay a while in hospital or MLU, you’re bound to have quite a few sleepless nights ahead of you as you adjust to the panic of being a parent (“is he still breathing?!”) and the relentless feeding regime, so make the most of it.

I didn’t have a diary with me, but I wish I had. Write about the life-changing experience of birth; the struggle of the baby blues; the bizarre and overwhelming feeling of becoming a mother. Document it all, raw and in the moment.

How We Managed Infant Reflux 100% Naturally...

As I sit here at 3:42am doing our nightly 3am feed, it seems as good a time as ever to look back over the last five months and take a breath. This parenting stuff is tough. Really. Tough. And that’s not something that new mums and dads share openly enough, but let’s save that for another day.

This early morning blog is about the thing in particular that turned my experience of having a beautiful new baby into something out of a nightmare: Infant Reflux. And how we now have it under control, 100% naturally.


My Story


Now, don’t get me wrong: I know very well that we could have had it MUCH worse. In the grand scheme of things, we’re lucky really. A roof over our heads, food in the fridge and a child who, after an initial struggle making it into the world, is by all accounts healthy. I’ve seen how bad this reflux stuff can get on the support pages. I know what other terrifying things lie in wait out there. But on the smaller scale of my life; me, with a baby in agony; me sat crying after waking up for my 3:30am – 11am shift to hold Faelan upright so that D can get some sleep after his 8:30pm-3:30am shift; our relationship straining at the seams under the pressure of having a baby who has been in tangible pain since the 1 week mark; watching other new mums out, having fun with their babies, eating what they like, when they like and sharing ‘normal’ baby stories; of the constant worry and desperation about whether or not to give Faelan Gaviscon or Ranitidine or Omeprazole or, or…anything to stop the screaming, relieve his pain and let him sleep and the stress of wondering what it might do to him if we do give him any of that. And the fact that no-one else seems to really get it. If I’m being totally honest, the last 5 months have been pretty damn depressing.

But now, at nearly 5 months old, seemingly by some miracle – Faelan’s reflux is under control with no medication. But it’s not a miracle: it comes down to D and I having researched and researched and researched at all hours of the day and night, to find natural treatments that work and spending all the money we didn’t have trying to find the fix that didn’t require the drugs.

Before anyone gets upset, believe me, I am NOT bashing any parent that uses medication to manage their child’s reflux. I am lucky enough to have a partner who doesn’t have to go out to work every day of the week, so 24 hour shifts holding Faelan upright whilst we tried remedies was possible. Even with that we still caved, twice, and gave him Gaviscon and Ranitidine, but we only saw them making things much worse. At the time it was horrific, but looking back I am glad that it happened because it left us with no choice but to try something different, and eventually, we figured out a system that really worked.

So, by now you’re probably wondering what it is that we did and that’s what this blog is about...

Beyond the basics of cutting out dairy and raising the head of the cot a little, I wanted to share my experience with all the other mums and dads out there with babies suffering from GERD or Infant Reflux in the hope that maybe, just maybe it will help. Fae still has reflux and some days he has little flare ups, but generally we're now at the point where he can lie on his back and he's not in pain. We still manage my diet but it's getting better all the time (we've just added in tinned tomatoes! Yes!) and we still take probiotics and we take Faelan for an acupuncture treatment every fortnight or so. We did actually try more than this, including homeopathy, massage, herbal teas and oil rubs but these are the things that made the biggest difference to us…

5 Ways to Beat Infant Reflux 100% Naturally




First thing’s first: if you’re breastfeeding, you absolutely have to look at your diet. Most mums who suspect colic or reflux will cut out dairy pretty sharpish, as CMPA/CMPI is a very common cause, but if that doesn’t work for you, don’t stop there.

If you’ve cut out dairy, bear in mind that you’ll need to wait 2-3 weeks for it to clear both your system and your baby’s (milk proteins like to stick around for a while), but once ruled out it’s time to consider other triggers.

I went all-out and started TED – the Total Elimination Diet (read more about that here). I’m not going to lie, it’s utterly miserable, but it very quickly became apparent when trialling foods to put back into my diet that Faelan was having severe reactions to things we wouldn’t have been able to guess. For us, bananas were awful, oats were an issue, coffee (decaf too) is a big no-no and the list goes on and on and on…everyone is different, there’s no one size fits all diet here, so there will be some trial and error involved but it can make a huge difference. I’ve also been drinking bone broth (which has been extremely gross, especially for a vegetarian!) as a potent gut healer.

Keep Your Cool By:

TED is a really difficult thing to do, especially when you’re breastfeeding and hungry. I have SERIOUS respect for the mamas out there that end up doing the very basic foods for much longer than I had to.

Keep yourself sane by joining a support group like TED Mamas on Facebook, do trial foods that might bring you a little comfort (coconut being a ‘safe’ has been a life-saver for me) and give yourself a break. Sometimes you’ll eat something you know you shouldn’t, sometimes you’ll feel angry and upset but remember – you’re a goddamn hero, mama!



I’m going to go straight in with the Big Guns – Acupuncture ended up being ‘the one’ for us in terms of treatments.


We were lucky enough to get an incredible deal with one of the UKs best acupuncturists, after explaining our situation and him looking kindly on us and after 6 treatments, we went from having a baby who could never be put down on his back (not even for a nappy change!), who would scream in pain for hours on end, who would projectile vomit his feeds, to having a baby who could suddenly sleep on his back for a few hours a night.

I recently started to get acupuncture treatments too as I have the most insane oversupply and forceful let down, which I’m sure has contributed to Faelan’s reflux, and after one treatment it’s looking much better after everything else had failed.

Keep Your Cool By:

Don’t freak out at the idea of getting your baby acupuncture! It’s not invasive and it doesn’t hurt. Faelan didn’t even notice he was having it done most of the time.

It’s important that you get a really fantastic practitioner, ideally one who is experienced working with children. If you’re in the UK, I can recommend a few so please do get in touch to ask me.



Both Faelan and I have been taking probiotics since the word go and it’s clear that his reflux comes back a bit if he misses a dose. For me, I can only attribute probiotics to saving me from getting mastitis.

Faelan had a 50% tongue tie when he was born (more about that in a moment…) which we had cut at 4.5 weeks, but his latch has never been great. With my crazy supply and let down and my vitamin deficient TE diet and no sleep…I really should have had mastitis by now…but not yet! Touch wood…

Make sure yours are allergen (especially dairy) free!

I use these

Faelan uses these


Cranial Sacral Osteopathy & Chiropractic Treatment


Faelan was getting CSO treatments from two weeks old and chiropractic treatments from 6 weeks and they both definitely helped enormously with his reflux, colic (which he also had) and, amazingly, with his tongue tie too.

I honestly have no idea how CSO works – we called it the magic cuddle, because it did just look like he was being held! But after each treatment, we’d get a colic respite for about 10 days. After he had his tongue tie cut, we took him for a treatment and I could feel the difference in his latch immediately!


Tongue Tie & BF Issues


Speaking of tongue ties, if you haven’t had your bub checked, do it. This might be the root cause of all of your problems. A bad latch and gulping air is actually a BIG deal.

If there's no tongue tie and you're breastfeeding, it's worth considering other factors: Do you have an oversupply? Do you have a forceful let down? Is your baby latching correctly? All of these should be addressed ASAP.


Bonus Level


Some other things have certainly helped, if not been the ultimate solution! Try these for extras:

  • A sheepskin for baby to lie on (supervised)
  • Marshmallow tea for soothing the burn (disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional, this is merely what we used and what worked for us. Please do your own research before giving your baby anything other than breastmilk)
  • Fennel oil rub for tummy (1 drop of oil diluted in coconut oil)
  • Homeopathic treatments (call Helios for help figuring out what you need)
  • The Baby Got Colic track on Youtube is AMAZING for calming any crying baby. Just ignore the mega creepy video...


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Do you have any more tips for parents coping with GERD or Infant Reflux? Have you tried any of these treatments and had them work for you? Please share your own experiences in the comments or if you’d like any more information on what we have done, I’d love to hear from you!